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«Смелянский литейный завод» Technology

Sand mold casting is the most common and the most mass method of casting (up to 75-80% by weight of the castings produced in the world). The new direction of the sand mold casting technology is the use of cold-hardening mixtures forms.

Casting technology in cold-hardening mixtures forms has a range of advantages over traditional sand mold casting::

  • Provides the greatest flexibility and ease of shaping;
  • Ability to get the forms of complex geometry to a precision of 1 mm. The possibility of vertical surfaces with a slope to 0,6º. Good knocking-out ability of mixture, its vitality;
  • Significant reduction in machining of castings by high quality surface finish and geometrical precision;
  • Low level of casting defects, such as blockages and blow holes;
  • Optimal combination of price and quality of the castings.