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«Смелянский литейный завод» Manufacture

Pattern section

One of the most important stages in the casting manufacturing is a precise performance of pattern equipment. Manufacturing of quality castings is impossible without qualitative performance of pattern equipment. There begins producing of equipment of wood or plastic on high-precision 3-axis CNC mill with NC (positioning accuracy up to 0.1 mm) only after the preliminary design of castings 3D-models according to customer’s drawings. This process ensures high dimensional precision of castings, and also allows you to reduce pattern and rod equipment manufacturing time. Thus we are able to produce technically sophisticated equipment with the implementation of all requirements of the drawing.

Melting section

Heat of metal is carried out in a modern smelter, consisting of high-tech induction furnaces of 5M INDUCTION SYSTEMS Company (Turkey) of 2009 with a melting pot capacity up to 1000 kg, 2 pcs. The smelter is able to work 24 hours per day and can withstand temperature range from -30°C to + 50°C, not lowing its productivity. Melting time of gray cast iron is 50 min, of carbon steel is 70 min.

Molding-rod section

Shaping is performed by means of flaskless technology with the use of cold-box furan process technology on molding line of preparation of mixtures of OMEGA Company (England).
Mixer productive capacity is 20 tons per hour.

Heat treatment section

Electric thermal furnace equipped with a digital controller has a cage weight of 6000 kg, operating temperature range from 0°C to 1150°C, the size of available space – 3000*2000*1450 mm. This section allows to carry out such types of heat treatment as anneal, normalization, quenching, as well as other complex heat treatment (the ability to program up to 10 soak setters). Quenching tank with a capacity of 45m3. Quenching environment is water. Blast chamber, Q3720 model, of 2008. Chamber size: 2100*2100*3700 mm,   3 turbines up to 15 kW.


Accredited laboratory. Harmonic analyzer SOLARIS CCD Plus (Italy): the spectral range is 140-800 nm, the focal distance is 500 mm, a diffraction grating is 2700 lines/mm, the width of entrance slit is 20 microns, the time of rapid analysis is 2 min. Microscope METAM-P1. From 50 to 507 times enlargement. It is used with a 9 MP (megapixel) digital camera of Optika Microscopes, Italy. Processing of images taken with the camera is carried out by means of software support of the camera manufacturer. Grinding and polishing machine FORCIPOL 1V. Preparation of thin sections for the metallographic studies (microstructure and grain size research). It is used in conjunction with an automatic head Forcimat. Breaking Machine P-10M. final force – 10 t. Load measuring range: 2-100 kN. Contact thermocouple (rod) Heraeus Electro-nite – measurement of the molten metal temperature by its melting in a furnace and the metal spout in the forms from 1400°C to 1800°C, with memory function. Dynamic hardness gage TD-42. Measuring range on-scales: Brinell (HB) 100-450, Rockwell (HRC) 20-68, Vickers (HV) 100-950.

Plot stumps and cleaning casting

consists of a 2-shot blasting chambers, namely:

Installing blast OZMAK model ТК-2

Chamber dimensions – 1250*1960*1330mm (width*height*depth).
Hook height suspension – 1600mm.
The load on the hook – 1t.
Purification is performed diameter fraction of from 0.2 to 1.4mm.
Number of turbines – 2 pcs. 7.5 kW.

Installing blast Q3720 

Chamber dimensions – 1770*2900*1900mm  (width*height*depth).
Hook height suspension – 2750mm.
The load on the hook – 2t.
Purification is performed diameter fraction of from 1,2 to 2,2mm.
Number of turbines – 3 pcs. 15 kW.

Painting and drying chamber LIK-3.5-4

The camera is designed for steel, cast iron, aluminum castings and the subsequent drying at elevated temperatures.
Internal dimensions – 3400*3900*2650mm.