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lityo Quality control

The laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine bases at the plant. Certificate No. 3813-164-VL.

  • Feedstock and outlet products are exposed to laboratory control by means of spectrometer SOLARIS CCD Plus (Italy), which guarantees the castings with exact match of required chemical composition of the product.
  • Temperature of the molten metal in the outlet from the furnace and while pouring it into the mold is measured by contact thermocouple Heraeus Electro-nite.
  • Testing of the hardness of the original products is carried out by means of Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers scales.
  • Testing on the mechanical properties are carried out by means of tensile testing machine R-10M.
  • Examination of microstructure and grain size of metal is carried out by means of microscope METAM-R1.
  • Castings features are entered into the quality certificate issued while shipping.